What's trending in fintech?

Last week in the financial heart, aka London, our Head of Credit Justin Parr discussed exactly this at the Fintech Ecosystem Exchange.

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Here are Justin's two cents from the session:

1. Focus on value to clients and not just ease of use. A super low friction front end is great, but there's high value in collecting a little more client data that can aid the customisation of product fit.

2. Many "fintechs", including some giants, work based on hacky and manual processes. Accessing funding is increasingly difficult, only those that quickly get to genuine USP:s in their data and tech will consolidate their positions and thrive.

3. The UK has been keen to sponsor fintech innovation with light regulation, but a number of players report an increasing sense of regulatory creep. While some new regulation has been valuable, in most cases the continual fostering of competition is much better at protecting the interest of users than drawing lines in the sand, so policy should be wary of overreaching and stifling development in the sector.

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What's trending in fintech?

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