New brands like Riviera Maison, Versmissen, and BePureHome are now active as brands within Droppery

Record Sales and Transactions through Droppery At the end of last year, Droppery decided to fully focus on Home & Living, Kids Design, and Outdoor Living. In recent weeks, several new interior wholesalers have joined the platform.

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Names like Riviera Maison, Versmissen, and BePureHome can now be found on Droppery. This provided ample reason to speak with CCO and founder Cathelijne Mooren.

"In May, we set records," Cathelijne says enthusiastically. "A record number of transactions and revenue through the platform. Many new retailers and excellent brands want to collaborate with us. Droppery goes beyond just processing product data and orders. The platform is mainly used as a B2B sales tool.

Motivations of Wholesalers Every wholesaler on the Droppery platform has its own motivations, Cathelijne explains. On one hand, they want to offer an automation process for existing customers. On the other, Droppery helps them find new sales locations. We do this internationally and currently operate in 23 countries.

"Do you primarily want new customers? Then you can receive connection requests from interested retailers through the platform. Do you mainly want to support existing customers? Then you can offer Droppery to your current customers as an additional service. And if a beautiful new request comes along occasionally, that’s a nice bonus," Cathelijne explains.

Supporting a Specific Type of Retailer On the other hand, Droppery supports a large number of retailers looking for new products. The focus is mainly on a specific type of retailer. Cathelijne describes this profile: "Parties that have been active for a long time and are authorities in the industry. They want to expand their product range but usually do not have the square footage available." Droppery is a means to quickly get new products live. Examples of retailers on Droppery include Solfelt and Deens.

Additional Transshipment Service To facilitate even more orders and welcome new customers, Droppery offers an additional service. "Wholesalers often only make free deliveries and ship exclusively to B2B relationships. For these parties, we can now take care of the transport." Droppery uses a transshipment location in Amsterdam where orders can be sent. From here, they ensure that the order reaches the customer.

Cathelijne often encounters suppliers canceling orders because the retailer just doesn’t meet the minimum order value. With this service, that's no longer an issue. "Moreover, the wholesaler only needs to maintain the B2B relationship and does not come into contact with the consumer. This is often preferred, as dealing with consumers can add many complications." It’s also important to note that this is a transshipment service, not fulfillment.

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New brands like Riviera Maison, Versmissen, and BePureHome are now active as brands within Droppery

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