Are you our new agent?

We are looking for a new agent

We are looking for a new agent in Norway with experience selling high-end products such as:

  • Candleholders (brass, stainless steel and black powder coated steel)
  • Blankets and cushions (merino wool)
  • Trays (oak)
  • Desk
  • Concole table

As a company we have focus on sustainability, which is why, we have chosen to have all our suppliers from Europe.

We offer attractive conditions:

  • B2B platform
  • Warehouse from where orders are sent same day as received
  • Professional sales material such as image bank and hands-out to retailers and webshops.

Please contact us by writing to or call +45 2068 7304.

If you are planning to visit the Formland exhibition we are situated in hall F #5040.

19.10.202255 ° North ApS


Herskabelig og æstetisk lysestage med flagfunktion

08.08.202255 ° North ApS


Are you our new agent?

01.07.202155 ° North ApS


Azulejo Bicolor - new pattern from Burel Factory

29.04.202155 ° North ApS


New bright spring colors and new style, Azulejo cushion

01.04.202155 ° North ApS


Trays of solid oak

10.03.202155 ° North ApS


Funktionelle træbakker

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